Location: 270-296 Cary Algonquin Road, Cary, IL, 60013

Cary Oaks Plaza in Cary, IL


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Suggested Opening Bid: $699,000

Buyer’s Premium: 6%

Cooperating Broker’s Commission: 2%

Built: 1994

Lot Size: Approx. .87 Acres

Building Size: Approx. 8,500 SF

Units: 6

Occupied: 25%

2017 Taxes: $23,754.12

PIN #: 19-14-428-006

Zoning: B4

This retail shopping center is approximately 8,500 sf and has 6 individual units. A value add opportunity for an investor, this center currently has 2 units that are leased. A 7-11 convenience store is the anchor tenant and the other tenant is a dry cleaning business. Both tenants have been in place for over 10 years and are in long term auto renewal leases.

Each unit has its own dedicated gas/electrical meter and HVAC systems. The building has been meticulously maintained and the roof and mechanicals are annually inspected with no known issues or leaks.

Unit 6 (leased by the 7-11) is approximately 2,500 sf; Units 4 and 5 are approximately 2,005 sf each; Units 2 and 3 are approximately 900 sf each; Unit 1 (leased by the dry cleaners) is approximately 1,800 sf. Units 2-5 may be combined.

Located at 270 Cary/Algonquin Rd. This retail shopping center is well located just South of Main Street on the West side of Cary/Algonquin Rd in the Village of Cary. Main Street is an East/West street that is just Southwest of Route 14. Cary/Algonquin Road is a North/South road.

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  5. Accepting party hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless each of the Seller Parties against any and all costs, loss, liability or expense, including attorney’s fees and expenses, arising from or in any way connected with any breach of Accepting Party’s obligations under this Agreement.

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Bidding Starts: May 30, 2019 12:00 am CDT

Bidding Ends: May 30, 2019 12:00 pm CDT

Location: 270-296 Cary Algonquin Road, Cary, IL, 60013

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